Saturday, April 14, 2007

Our Newest Addition

Say hello to the newest addition to our family.

After our tragic loss last August, we had an empty place in our hearts. And by our hearts, I mean our front yard. Since the weather is nice and mild now, we thought it would be a great time to replace our sad fallen friend.

Chilean Mesquite, you will forever be in our fond memories. But now, it's time to focus on your domestic cousin, Texas Honey Mesquite, who is supposed to be stronger and willowier than you were.

Right now, Texas is just a little baby (can you spot it in the yard?). Hopefully we'll see some real growth over the next several months.


Lauren said...

My mom had a Mountain Texas Laurel tree, that she took extra care of, because every February it would bloom these huge purple blossoms. ANd only fo rht emonth of February...then the rest of the year it was just boring. Well, last fall, the wind came and ripped th ewhole thing out. She was quite depressed. I am sorry about your tree. I hope this one is stronger!

Emily said...

I love that first picture.

Macey Kay said...

I like the perspective picture...hope Sophie and the new tree get along