Saturday, July 31, 2010

New England Part VI: The Beach

We decided to spend one afternoon at the beach. Sam was sleeping as we were getting ready, so we didn't get a chance to change him into his swimming suit before we arrived. He woke up just as we set everything down on the sand, so I stripped him down to get him ready. Before I could stop him, he was in the sand testing it out. Apparently it's delicious because the next several minutes had him doing this:

Hand over hand sand eating. Crawl a little, grab a handful of sand to eat, crawl some more, eat some more. There was no stopping the kid.

Eventually Jake took him down to the water to get rinsed off and we were able to get a suit on him.

Some exciting local news took place the day we played in the ocean. 150 people were simultaneously stung by a gigantic jellyfish just down the street from where we were.

Luckily we were all safe and didn't even hear about the incident until we were safely back home. After we had been at the beach for a while, Sam decided to get some alone time. He crawled away from me all on his own, and then just sat watching the water for a while. He frequently likes to be by himself, so I just let him enjoy it.

Friday, July 30, 2010

New England Part V: Canobie Lake Park

Our funnest day of the trip was our day at Canobie Lake Park. It's an amusement/water park in New Hampshire, and it was just FILLED with things that Sophie loved to do. There's an entire Kiddieland section with rides only for kids 48" and under. She loved going on those, telling us that we were too big for her rides.

Kiddie Cars

Dune Buggy

Flying Rooster (Sophie yelled out
"This ride is TOO FAST!" the whole time)

Spinning Cars

(Sophie & Jake appear at about 14 seconds)

We spent several hours in the early afternoon riding all the rides, and then changed into our swimming suits to go on all the wet rides and into the water park area.

Can you spot Sophie in this picture?

We were so glad we decided to go. Both kids were fast asleep the second we got on the road home (one may or may not be asleep in this family picture). It was a great day!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

New England Part IV: Candlepin Bowling

On Monday, all of my siblings and their kids went candlepin bowling. It's different from regular bowling in that the pins are thinner, the balls are smaller, and you get 3 chances to knock down your pins instead of 2. Oh, and it's awesomer in that with my high score of 82, I beat everyone else there.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

We Interrupt this Vacation Recap . . .

. . . to give you a hair cut.

Sam Before:
Sam Now:
We now return you to your regularly scheduled blogging.

New England Part III: Reunions

While in New Hampshire, we got to attend family reunions from both sides of my dad's family. We met new people, got reacquainted with our cousins, and just enjoyed socializing.

And these girls couldn't have been happier together.

This was Sophie's favorite part of the reunion:

She somehow convinced Granddad to come into our cottage, sat him down, and read an entire book to him. Luckily, I think Granddad enjoyed it too.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

New England Part II: The Cottages

After visiting family in Massachusetts, we jumped onto the Seacoast highway and headed north to New Hampshire. My whole family stayed in separate cottages with views of the ocean.

Our closest access to the water was at a rocky beach, but it was still fun to explore. We walked over there several times on our trip to get wet, play in the waves, and for some of us, pop salty shells in our mouth.

Monday, July 26, 2010

New England Part I: Granddad's House

We just returned from an incredible trip to New England. (if you're really interested, you can see more pictures here, here, and here) We started the trip with a red eye flight to Boston. For some reason, we thought it would go really well.

Instead, we all experienced our first Whole-Family All-Nighter! Luckily it didn't phase the kids for several hours, and at 7am (4am Arizona time) my kids were happy and playing and running around Granddad's back yard.

Right before Cathy took this picture, she said "Sophie, show me your stick!" and so here we have Sophie proudly displaying her stick for Cathy. (click to zoom)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Makeup Artist

Sophie has been interested in my makeup recently. Today, she decided to practice with some gel-like eyeshadow that I have.

The key, she found, was to REALLY dig it into her eyebrows.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Swimming Lessons

Sophie, lover of all things swimming, just finished up a month of swimming lessons. They were at the local pool and she was in a class that ranged from 2-5 kids every day with 2 teachers, so it was really nice.

Perfecting her kicks

Pushing off

Kicking back to the wall

She learned how to hold her breath under water, retrieve objects on the bottom of the pool, float on her back for several seconds without any help, and can kick and glide across the pool with assistance. It was a great experience for her and gave her a lot of confidence to be in the pool without her floaty.

And now, despite our best sunscreening efforts, the girl is DARK.