Thursday, May 26, 2011

Teacher Appreciation Gifts (With a How-To!)

Extra special teacher appreciation gifts take a lot of time, talent, money, and crafting skills.

First, get some Thank You cards. Cards left over from your wedding thank-yous work great.

2nd, have your student write "Thank you from Sophie*" in each one. *Please note in this step, you will substitute your own student's name for "Sophie". If you have a Sophie, leave it the same.

3rd, insert a gift card.

4th, seal the cards up in envelopes and have aforementioned student write each teacher's name on the fronts.

5th, let her (him maybe?) go to town with stickers.

6th, take pictures at weird angles and extremely close up to make a How-To blog post. A really good blogger would have a super nice camera and stop her student at every step to get action shots along the way.

(having the picture focused in the front and blurry in the back is a sign of a good photographer)

7th, blog. Oh, and make sure they make it into her backpack for school.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


When the house is suspiciously quiet, and the boy is nowhere to be found, this is what I usually find:

Sam reading quietly to himself. He does this in his own room, in the playroom, and most recently in Sophie's room since we got her a new bookshelf.

Such mischief.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Over the River and Through the Woods

We decided to take advantage of the last bits of nice weather we'll have this season before we all head into hibernation, only to reappear again in October.


First, we took a trip down the road to the river. The river isn't open for floating yet, so the water was really low and the crowds were nowhere to be seen. It was perfect! The kids could play anywhere because the water was so shallow.

Sam's favorite thing to do in any type of water is lay on his stomach and stick his ear in it. Don't ask me why.


Sophie liked exploring and working on her rock skipping skills.


And then, the next weekend, we headed up toward Payson and spent the night camping. We found a nice little spot that we had pretty much to ourselves, and had a great time as a family. The next day, we packed up and headed over to Natural Bridge.



It's quite an awesome sight, and has 4 easy trails that any family could do. We had a picnic lunch there, and walked to all the viewpoints to see the bridge.


Yay for family fun weekends! Now onto laundry.