Thursday, June 29, 2006

Quite A Change

Okay, here is my big post I warned about last week.

Saturday Morning:

Saturday Afternoon:

Saturday Evening:

Hmmm, it appears from the last picture that my haircut is lopsided, but it's not. I must have been just turning my head or something.

My ponytail will soon be shipped off to Locks of Love. I've always wanted to do this for some reason, so I figured that my pregnancy hormones would give me a good chance to get the 10" of ponytail I needed to donate. I also convinced a long-haired cousin of mine to do the same thing, so stay tuned to her blog for pictorial updates as well.

Oh, and here's a picture from the same day that gives a good tummy size update. 6 months 9 days today. (and as of Tuesday, I am officially in my 3rd trimester).

Maternity Clothes

WARNING: Venting blog. Probably worth skipping today.

Why do clothing designers think that all pregnant women are middle-aged or retired? Why do Motherhood jeans come with huge hips and tapered bottoms? Do they not know that the national average age of a woman when she gives birth to her first child is 25? Do 25-year-old women like flabby tapered jeans? Then why would they like them when they're pregnant?

Why do I find myself wishing that the Junior section of a store had maternity wear? It's not that I would wish pregnancy or motherhood on any teen-aged girl, it's that I wish the clothing I can find in their section came with an elastic waistband.

My only friend at this point seems to be Old Navy. However, their selection was quite slim this morning, and I was left sifting through all their piles of clothes for my size, only to walk away empty handed. This was superbly frustrating. Mind you, I was trying on clothing that was still marked at FULL PRICE. For those of you who know me well, you will know that I probably do not currently own a piece of clothing that I paid full price for. It's just not in my blood to do something like that. I have a really hard time spending money on myself, but I am getting desperate. Nothing fits the bottom half of my body anymore.

I find myself longing for the weekend not because of a break from work, but because I can wear my lounge wear all day, and I don't have to worry about finding something to fit into to go to work. I feel pretty pathetic right now cause I just realized that my inlaws have probably only seen me wear one pair of pants since we moved here, since I wear them every Saturday.

If anyone needs me this afternoon, I'll be the one screaming in frustration in the Maternity section of various stores around Mesa.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Baby Girl Names

After hours and hours of harassment, Jake and I have decided to reveal our top baby name choices for everyone. We feel it will just be easier to let them be known than to be bugged about it all the time. Please feel free to vote for your favorites and let us know how you feel about them. As you can see, each of the names has a very special meaning to each of us.

(in no particular order)

1. La-Fon-Duh (from a movie we both like)
2. Ewis (similar to a family name)
3. Abjacób (our names combined)
4. Jenny (Jake's 4th grade crush)
5. Ethel (my cat)
6. Randy (the brother I never had, yet the subject of an essay Mike wrote)
7. Julie (my favorite character from Saturday's Warrior growing up)
8. Toro (our high school mascot)
9. Shane (named after my favorite radio commercials)
10. Alexanderwood (street)
11. Bardette (similar to a family name)
12. Lisianthus (my favorite flower)
13. Eagle (to remind us that Jake is not an Eagle Scout)
14. Jakigail (another name combination option)
15. P.C. (showing our support for non-apple computers [plus, Apple is already taken])

I hope this will ease the pestering and help everyone to feel as informed as they should be. We hope you can help narrow down our name selection. Thanks!

Friday, June 23, 2006

My Name Twin

Say hello to my name twin. She is from London and we basically live identical lives. She is an assistant at a consulting firm. I am an assistant at a law firm. She spent 6 months in the "dispute resolution department", which is exactly like the grievance and appeals department at my last job in Phoenix (where I spent 6 months). She also used the word "whilst" in her profile, which I love. It's probably more frequently used in England, but I still enjoyed reading it. (Thanks Jill for the idea).

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

4 Jobs in 4 Weeks

My life is completely different than what it was one month ago (well, completely different during regular business hours, pretty much the same the rest of the day). I started out a month ago at PPEP in Tucson, then moved to Mesa, where I quickly acquired a temp position with a well-known insurance company. However, the job described to me was far from the actual position, so I had to make a decision: either explode on the inside or quit. So I now have on my record a 2 1/2 week job. Nice. I worked there until last Wednesday. Last Thursday I started working for my mom at her law firm. I'm not sure what my title is, but it something like, "Awesome Attorney Assitant Extrodinaire-temp".

(Have you been keeping track? That's 3 jobs)

Then, on Saturday, I started my Saturday job - answering the phones for my dad's chem-dry business. It's commission only though, so it really varies on the pay I'll be making from it.

Stay tuned for my BIG post - sometime between Saturday and Monday. It's going to be HUGE news. And awesome. (no, Stephanie, I'm not going to reveal baby girl's name)