Friday, June 26, 2009

Home Tour Part III: Family Room

BEFORE: (yes, they had it set up as a dining room)


Here is our Family Room.

For a really long time, I didn't want a fire place because 1) they don't get much use in Arizona and 2) they usually take up an entire wall, compete with the TV, and make furniture placement hard.

But I love ours. Our family room is nice because the fire place is offset from the center by a couple of feet (we think the room was opened up into the garage by about 5 feet at one point), but still looks centered due to a column set into the wall. (Hard to explain. Look at the pics if you're really interested). Anyway, my favorite part of setting up this room has been finding ways to decorate the mantle. It's not done, but I like it so far.

And as always, this room is still a work in progress. I hope to find a tall skinny bookshelf to go behind the green chair, and Jake wants to paint it a cool color. We're thinking blue.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Home Tour Part II: Play Room



This is our playroom.

It was an addition off the back of the house where the back door presumably used to be (it's our Arizona Room). It's only 7 1/2 feet wide, but like 25 feet long. I knew right away when I saw the house that it would be a play room because it's right off the main living areas, but hidden enough to be messy all the time.

Some features include: Puzzle table, small (ridiculously heavy) metal desk with paper roll, kid chairs, pillows, books, stuffed animal drawer, rocking horse, the piano, and play kitchen.

This table (pictured right) is my favorite part.

It was $10 at a garage sale, but originally from Ikea. It houses all of Sophie's Little People, and has 2 drawers on rollers that tuck conveniently underneath for her people, cars, and other accessories.

Currently there is nothing on the walls, but I hope to one day do something like this:

But I'm always open to suggestions or new ideas.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Home Tour Part I: Living Room

I'm back online again! It took a while, but BOY OH BOY we have been super busy.

This home tour will take a couple weeks, if not longer. The truth is, the only room that is (semi) complete as of today is the living room.


The living room is directly off the entry way when you enter the house. Everything in the room is brand new (to us anyway), since we've never had a living room before. Since Jake was the most excited about this space, he adopted it as his own, and all design decisions were his. Actually, I got to pick the paint color, cause I've always wanted a light blue living space.

Jake chose an updated mid-century theme, complete with authentic vintage coffee table and record console (both purchased at an estate sale). I really love the room so far - isn't he doing a great job?

He hopes to trade out the wooden chair for two matching chairs and a glass-top side table in the near future, and maybe reconfigure the room. He also plans to hang the flower art above the record console, add a wall-suspended bookshelf, and paint some of the current accessories white (magazine rack, floor lamp, etc.)

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

17 Shirts

My husband bought me 17 shirts yesterday.

He spent $17.00 total.
Some for now, some for later. Nice.

You want some too? Head to Last Chance soon.
(they only had sizes small & medium though)