Friday, June 19, 2009

Home Tour Part II: Play Room



This is our playroom.

It was an addition off the back of the house where the back door presumably used to be (it's our Arizona Room). It's only 7 1/2 feet wide, but like 25 feet long. I knew right away when I saw the house that it would be a play room because it's right off the main living areas, but hidden enough to be messy all the time.

Some features include: Puzzle table, small (ridiculously heavy) metal desk with paper roll, kid chairs, pillows, books, stuffed animal drawer, rocking horse, the piano, and play kitchen.

This table (pictured right) is my favorite part.

It was $10 at a garage sale, but originally from Ikea. It houses all of Sophie's Little People, and has 2 drawers on rollers that tuck conveniently underneath for her people, cars, and other accessories.

Currently there is nothing on the walls, but I hope to one day do something like this:

But I'm always open to suggestions or new ideas.


Robin said...

We could totally do those leaves!

Now I want my own little people.

stephanie said...

i can't believe all the furniture that was in that room before.

it makes a perfect playroom. you could totally do a wall treatment like that. you are an excellent artist.

i can't wait to see more. although, as soon as we get home i suppose i could see it all in real life. :)

nana said...

I didn't know it had furniture in it when you looked at it before you bought it. It took a lot of imagination to see the house without all of that stufffffff.

Emily said...


emmellee said...

What's an Arizona room?