Friday, June 27, 2008

Design Mom Winnings

Remember my awesome luck in April when I won a Design Mom contest? Well, my last prize finally came in the mail today. I'm so pleased with everything I won. Here's my loot:

I got matching jackets from Robin's Egg Pink (only the small jacket is pictured)

A tiny purse & hair clip (not pictured) from ShyGirl Designs

And I got to pick $100 of whatever I wanted in whatever fabric I wanted from Sweet Funky Vintage.

I chose a halter dress, a skirt, & a shirt that says "Sophie". I chose them all in 3T, because I wanted Sophie to really be able to appreciate the name on her shirt. All three turned out even cuter than I thought, and the people I worked with were awesome.

Bonus: Priority Mail Boxes make great seats.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

We're Here AND We're Online

Our move was pretty flawless. We used a Budget truck, and even though they gypped us out of 20 miles, and made us pay for the "extra" usage, we would still recommend them 100% more than U-Haul.

Anyway, internet connection wasn't high on our list of things to do, so it didn't happen until yesterday, hence my absence. But we're here, and now we're back on the World Wide Spiderweb. And in the meantime, I've even managed to do some decorating to my humble abode (and if you've been by, you know what I mean by humble).

We dropped about 500 square feet on this move, not to mention a garage, but have found all the nooks and crannies of this place, and have found a spot for almost everything (although, to maintain our minimalist look, 5 boxes of decor went stored).

Now for some pictures:

Our main bookcase now serves as a toy shelf in Sophie's room, with the top shelf reserved for our books (please note the rainbow of books I created. Not only was it fun to do [Diana? This seems like something you'd enjoy. Plus I used brackets inside parentheses just for you] but also it's visually pleasing EVERY time I go into her room. EVERY time.)

Here's my entire kitchen. Is it wrong for me to say that I'm thoroughly enjoying such a tiny space? I'd prefer a dishwasher, but putting away the dishes consists of only a hip pivot on my part. And the linoleum floor is a breeze to clean. I'm sure eventually I'll pine for a bigger place with more expensive floors and counters (you know maybe some granite, stainless, & travertine? [please read that last sentence with the utmost sarcasm possible]), but not today.

Here's our front room, complete with its built-in bookcase-slash-coat closet. (I had to spell it out cause that's how I wanted you to read it). What? Charm built in to our home? Its almost unheard of in Arizona.

And last but not least, may I present our favorite place (which cannot be utilized AT ALL until the temperature drops below 100) : The enclosed patio & back yard WITH GRASS. Wait... with grass that WE DON'T HAVE TO MOW OR TAKE CARE OF. That's better.

Thanks to everyone who complimented me on my last post. Everyone is free to stop by and visit whenever they want. It's good to be home.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Goodbye Tucson

In the great gold house

There was a family

And a little girl

And a picture of

Sophie growing up in a whirl

And there were 3 tall pictures

Of 3 tall flowers

And 2 white prizms

And a blue kitchen

And a university

and a law degree

And a green master bedroom

And a yellow nursery there

And in the backyard, a mountain

That looked like a bear.

Good-bye home

Good-bye tree

Good-bye place

where Sophie started to talk

Good-bye tile

Where Sophie learned to walk

Good-bye El Guero Canelo

Good-bye Beyond Bread

Good-bye Pat’s

And good-bye Bumstead’s

Good-bye roses

And good-bye hoses

Good-bye green room

And Good-bye yellow room

Good-bye Circle K

And good-bye U of A

Good-bye Law School

Good-bye ward

And good-bye to the view

From our old back yard

Good-bye mountain

Good-bye bear

Good-bye Tucson everywhere

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

A Stage? (please?)

This is Sophie from like 1-6pm. She won't nap or even rest (she naps at like 10am for some reason), she just whines. Any suggestions?

Also, I think she's going through a growth spurt because she ate TWO bananas for a snack an hour ago, and is having a cup of juice now. Plus she can now reach the top level of her bookshelf, which was unattainable like yesterday.