Friday, June 27, 2008

Design Mom Winnings

Remember my awesome luck in April when I won a Design Mom contest? Well, my last prize finally came in the mail today. I'm so pleased with everything I won. Here's my loot:

I got matching jackets from Robin's Egg Pink (only the small jacket is pictured)

A tiny purse & hair clip (not pictured) from ShyGirl Designs

And I got to pick $100 of whatever I wanted in whatever fabric I wanted from Sweet Funky Vintage.

I chose a halter dress, a skirt, & a shirt that says "Sophie". I chose them all in 3T, because I wanted Sophie to really be able to appreciate the name on her shirt. All three turned out even cuter than I thought, and the people I worked with were awesome.

Bonus: Priority Mail Boxes make great seats.


Macey Kay said...

You ARE the luckiest!

diana rose said...

i was going to say, "wow, you really are the luckiest." until i read the above comment. so now i will say nothing.

nana said...

Soooo cute! I can't wait to see Sophie in her outfits.