Friday, June 13, 2008

Goodbye Tucson

In the great gold house

There was a family

And a little girl

And a picture of

Sophie growing up in a whirl

And there were 3 tall pictures

Of 3 tall flowers

And 2 white prizms

And a blue kitchen

And a university

and a law degree

And a green master bedroom

And a yellow nursery there

And in the backyard, a mountain

That looked like a bear.

Good-bye home

Good-bye tree

Good-bye place

where Sophie started to talk

Good-bye tile

Where Sophie learned to walk

Good-bye El Guero Canelo

Good-bye Beyond Bread

Good-bye Pat’s

And good-bye Bumstead’s

Good-bye roses

And good-bye hoses

Good-bye green room

And Good-bye yellow room

Good-bye Circle K

And good-bye U of A

Good-bye Law School

Good-bye ward

And good-bye to the view

From our old back yard

Good-bye mountain

Good-bye bear

Good-bye Tucson everywhere


Jenny said...

good luck w/ your move! what a great post - love it!

Jennifer said...

That was fantastic. No really.

Robin said...

Love it.

Even when it's time to move on, it's hard to say goodbye to your first home and the place you have your babies. I am glad you took all those pictures.

Also when do you use an apostrophe in the word it's. possesive or contraction?

stephanie said...

your talents never cease to amaze me. i mean, there's humor, rhyming, AND the bear/mountain picture. you have serious skillz.

we are so very glad you are moving here.

Mrs. Burns said...

Goodbye giant man-dog that would stand on it's hind legs and peek over the fence.

Why didn't I have my camera that day? No one will ever believe me.

Emily said...

That was awesome. You need to print all those pictures, bind them in a book, give a copy to Sophie to have forever, and keep one for yourself.

Cher said...

That was fun to read though you could feel tender emotions of leaving your first home where you had your first baby... Your home looked full of loving care.
Loved your sleeping Teddy Bear in the backyard with the beautiful sunset. Good Luck with your move and this next era of your life. Just think 'NO MORE SCHOOL:)!

Cathy said...

I liked that story the first time... when it was called Good Night Moon. Geez Abbie, lets try to be a little bit more original next time. You even stole your cover strait from the old book. I've already called the copywrite agency and they are on their way to spit on your book and put finger prints on the pictures.

Jake said...

The longer we lived in Tucson, the more I wanted to leave, but I really will miss the Mexican food. Especially the carne asada tortas and the Sonoran hot dogs.

nana said...

Best Blog Ever!!!

Kim said...

You are a genuis

diana rose said...

what a fantastic post. you have such creative juices flowing through your veins.

good luck with the move, i hope all goes well. moving from your first home together is tough, hang in there.

Leslie said...

that was amazing. i think you should print one up for sophie, too, but would she appreciate the mexican food references? either way, it's a precious post. captured my emotions about moving, too. some things about it just stink. :(

Nancy Face said...

I followed the link from Emily's blog...and I'm so glad! That was FANTASTIC! :D