Monday, December 31, 2007

2007: Year in Review

2007 was an exciting year at our house.
Here's a recap of my year:

January- A snowy day in Arizona

February-A new bumbo

March-A trip to Mexico

April-A real meal

May-A first swim

June-A baseball game

July-A new cousin

August-A naughty baby

September-A game of Peek-a-Boo (with Nana)

October-A first birthday

November-Another new cousin

December-A trip to Disneyland

And here's to 2008!
How was your year?

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Sophie Hearts Cats & Dogs

Sophie loves all things live and fuzzy. She becomes giddy when in the presence of my parents' cats, and absolutely loves Jake's parents' dogs.

Sophie with Fred & Ethel

Sophie loves the cats so much that she invented a sound to show her affection for them. Her word is "Keeeeeee" (pronounced "key", but whispered and stretched out for 4 seconds). However in a cruel twist of fate, when she's really excited, the sound she invented that means "I love you, cat, more than you'll ever know" can sound more like "HSSSSSSSsssssssssss" which, of course, to a cat means "I'm about to attack you and scratch your eyes out if you don't run away".

So every time Sophie would gracefully wobble over to the cats, expressing her undying love, the cats would run away. Poor Sophie.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas in a Nutshell

This Christmas flew by. We've had tons of fun though. Before heading off to Mesa last week, we went to Winterhaven (see last year's post).

And as promised, we took Sophie and Kiley around in a wagon (decked out in Christmas lights). They both really enjoyed it for the first little bit, and then as all 1-year-olds do, got bored and wanted to walk around and see everything up close.

A couple days later, we went to our ward Christmas party. Sophie thinks Santa is strange.

Christmas morning, Sophie unwrapped her presents, and was thrilled to find that her Papa bought her a box of COMBS! How lucky can one girl get? She also got a ball, stacking blocks, and crayons. Overall she seemed quite pleased with her loot.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Santa Monica

After 2 days at Disneyland, we decided to head into Los Angeles - mostly for the food. Jake and I believe that vacations are for eating, and we really try to eat at local restaurants when we travel. So our first stop was lunch at the Farmers Market in L.A. It was quite delicious.

We then took a leisurely drive down Mulholland Drive while Sophie napped, and eventually ended up at the Santa Monica pier, just in time for the sunset.

Sophie Dancing on the Pier

She really loved these rides,
despite the look of terror on her face.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Last week, we took a quick vacation to the Happiest Place on Earth. How great is it that you can be in a location filled with thousands of people, and just leave your stroller and belongings on the side of the road for a half an hour while you ride a blue elephant? And you come back to it worry-free cause there are 35 other strollers waiting there too.

We spent all day Thursday and Friday at both Disneyland and California Adventure. It was a great time to go - we hardly waited in lines at all the entire time.

Sophie was a champ too. Of course, this trip had nothing to do with her happiness - this trip was for us. But it was still nice to know that she enjoyed it somewhat.


Grandpa & Sophie
Riding Dumbo


The Family

Playing Goofy's piano

Goofy's Playhouse (the best part of the park)

We hate Mickey's house

Some personal attention from Pluto

Driving the Fire Boat

Bugs bugging Grandpa

Stay tuned for pics from Santa Monica . . .

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Journal Jar #22: Pride (+ a bonus picture)

When were my parents most proud of me?

The first thing that comes to mind is the day I got my acceptance letter to BYU, complete with a full scholarship offer. I remember being in the kitchen and opening the letter after I got home from work. I was totally shocked, and I'm guessing my parents were too.

And now may I present:


Coffee Table: 1 / Sophie: 0

It swelled up the first day, and has gone down since, but is now more purple than before. No worries. She recovered quickly.

Thursday, December 06, 2007


Sophie: Lover of the Outdoors

and wearer of candy-cane striped socks