Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas in a Nutshell

This Christmas flew by. We've had tons of fun though. Before heading off to Mesa last week, we went to Winterhaven (see last year's post).

And as promised, we took Sophie and Kiley around in a wagon (decked out in Christmas lights). They both really enjoyed it for the first little bit, and then as all 1-year-olds do, got bored and wanted to walk around and see everything up close.

A couple days later, we went to our ward Christmas party. Sophie thinks Santa is strange.

Christmas morning, Sophie unwrapped her presents, and was thrilled to find that her Papa bought her a box of COMBS! How lucky can one girl get? She also got a ball, stacking blocks, and crayons. Overall she seemed quite pleased with her loot.


Kim said...

Love the pigtails!!

I miss you guys already.

Emily said...