Tuesday, December 19, 2006


For Family Night last night, we bundled up and went to Winterhaven's Festival of Lights. We layered Sophie up in her fleece coat and big soft blanket and stopped off at Circle K for some hot chocolate on the way there.

Winterhaven is a neighborhood of about 275 homes, and I would say that maybe 3 or 4 houses in the entire neighborhood were not decorated with lights. Some were over-the-top, and some were just regularly decorated. The neighborhood is also lined with 65-year-old pine trees, which were all decorated by the neighborhood association. Overall we enjoyed the walk more than the sites, but it was still very fun.

We're thinking next year we'll do it pulling Sophie (and maybe Kiley) in a wagon. We'll also put 2 pairs of socks on Sophie's feet. We felt bad that they felt so cold when we got back to the car. She didn't have any complaints though. She enjoyed hanging out in her stroller and staring at all of the lights.


Tori :) said...

That Elvis is too much!! Crazy!
Sophie is so cute.

nora lee said...

Sophie's coat is so cute!

Macey Kay said...

We're all for the wagon next year! We'll be looking forward to it...The youth from our ward are going tonight so Ben will be there.

Gina said...

she is as cute as a button! So perfect!