Friday, December 08, 2006

Christmas Time

We've finally completed the Christmas decorating at our house.

This is my favorite decoration. I received it in Young Women's several years ago.

And here is my big sewing project of the season. The designs were patterned after a catalog picture I saw a couple seasons ago. I finally got around to doing it this year because we only had 2 matching stockings, but 3 members of the family. As you can see, I actually made 4 stockings. I figured as long as I was sewing, I might as well complete 4 (the other 8 stockings will be completed as they are needed).

Here is our humble tree.

And finally, here is the front of our house. Big white bulbs, evenly spaced. I love it.


Stephanie said...

great job on the stockings! they look fabulous.

Kim said...

Yikes, 12 stockings!?

Robin said...

I love it too! 8 more, are you trying to tie my mom?

nana said...

Mabel noticed that she didn't have a stocking at our house, so we made new ones last night for Mabel, Oliver, Sophie and Tank.