Sunday, December 17, 2006

Our Pre-Christmas Vacation

Our family spent the last 6 days in Mesa, only to come back to Tucson for 4 days and then head BACK to Mesa for Christmas. Why, you ask, are we back in Tucson if we're only here for 4 days? Easy. We can't take that much of the in-laws. Both sides.

Just kidding. Sophie isn't feeling so hot, and has a doctor's appointment tomorrow to determine if she has a cold or acid reflux or something else. And I have a re-do doctor's appointment on Wednesday. We won't go into details.

Anyway, we had a great time in Mesa.

Both of Sophie's grandmas got to do exactly what grandmas do best.

Sometime in the middle of the week (the days are now blended together for me. Maybe Wednesday?) we went out to lunch with Robin (more details here) and to the park with her, her kids, her nephew Jack, Stephanie, and her kids. Jake had a good time with the 4-year-olds playing a revised form of tennis.
And then last night, we had a great time with our Tolleson friends making gingerbread houses. This was my first experience with REAL gingerbread, and Jake and I really enjoyed making our desert home (yes desert, not dessert).

Our house was complete with a saguaro cactus, 2 other cacti bushes, and 2 identical Lifesaver cars. The saguaro cactus fell over as we pulled away from the Tolleson party, but is now magically standing again as our desert gingerbread house is proudly displayed on our coffee table.


Emily said...

Great gingerbread house, yard, cars, especially the cactus. Also love your haircut and color.

nora lee said...

Hooray for the gingerbread house!!!!

Kim said...

That picture of Susan and Sophie is so cute!

Stephanie said...

i'm glad you are coming back soon.
i love the identical life saver cars. you guys are funny.

Tori :) said...

Sounds like a ton of fun!! Good luck with your two dr. appts. Hope Sophie feels better.

Robin said...

I wish we'd gotten to hang more, but there's always this week!