Thursday, August 28, 2008

Insistence on Socks

The other day, Sophie discovered her sock basket. She hasn't worn socks since like April, but now they are a must-have accessory to any outfit. She's not particular on matching the socks to the rest of the clothing though, but she doesn't mind (yet) when I replace them with something that does match.

p.s. When the man at the register says "Wow, you have a lot of patience.", does he mean "Wow, you have a lot of patience." or does he mean, "Wow, that's some set of lungs on whatever that is that is flopped down over your feet."?

Monday, August 25, 2008

Balloons for Nie

Although we were 30 seconds too late, we went to the Mesa temple to release our balloons for Stephanie & Christian.

(photo taken from my car, across the street, just seconds before the release)

Sophie watching her balloon disappear into the sky

Our prayers are with their family daily.

Visit cjane for updates and a slide show (coming soon) of all the balloon releases around the world.

Also, be sure to check out DesignMom and A Room Somewhere on Thursday to participate in the silent auctions, where ALL proceeds will go straight to Stephanie and her family.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sandy Eggo

Jake and I had a wonderfully relaxing vacation to San Diego last weekend. We stayed on Coronado Island, which, we decided, is where we'd like to retire in 5 years.

(we rented a partial condo from someone off of craigslist, and had a great experience with them, if you're interested)

We brought our bikes, which Jake managed to magically fit into the trunk of our Geo, and they totally made the trip.

Our days basically went like this:

Wake up,

walk over to a European crepe bakery for breakfast,

head to the beach for a couple hours.
Watch some dolphins playing off shore.
Head back to our condo,

get the bikes, ride around town,
deciding on our favorite houses in the neighborhood,

and then park our bikes at a local restaurant for dinner.

Coronado is such a family-friendly place. The beaches were full of little kids, and everyone walking around town either had a dog or a 2-year-old with them. Or both. And at night, the hot spot was the local ice cream shop. Which was heavenly and ridiculously reasonably priced.

Other highlights of the trip:

Our afternoon in Balboa Park

And our day in La Jolla, visiting the sea lions.

All in all, I would say we had an awesome time, and I would definitely recommend it to a friend.

The End.