Thursday, August 28, 2008

Insistence on Socks

The other day, Sophie discovered her sock basket. She hasn't worn socks since like April, but now they are a must-have accessory to any outfit. She's not particular on matching the socks to the rest of the clothing though, but she doesn't mind (yet) when I replace them with something that does match.

p.s. When the man at the register says "Wow, you have a lot of patience.", does he mean "Wow, you have a lot of patience." or does he mean, "Wow, that's some set of lungs on whatever that is that is flopped down over your feet."?


Jacie said...

He means both:)

Cathy said...

Maybe he thought you were a doctor

Emily said...

He means the second one. I can SO relate, my kid must have HUGE ole lungs.