Thursday, March 30, 2006


We're going back to my previous Paint drawings today - the drawings I did 2 years ago whilst bored at work. This one is actually my very first drawing. This is where it all began. Today I present to you: Spring.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The Loudest Tree Ever

Jake & I stopped in Casa Grande on the way from Tucson to Mesa this month. There we learned that Casa Grande has more birds than people. Here is an especially popular tree.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The Mont Curse

James Mont is one of 4 brothers in his family. He is the father to 4 sons, the 3rd being Bard Mont. Bard is father to 4 sons, the 2nd being Jacob Mont. Jacob is my husband.

By now you may have caught on to the trend: The Mont middle name curses you with having only sons. Now, this may not seem like it's that big of a curse, but let's look at Bard's brothers' families (Jake's cousins). We counted the other day, and Jake has 6 boy cousins and 6 girl cousins. 50-50 exactly. Only his family of all boys throws off their numbers.

I was made aware of this curse when Jake & I were dating, and I had to accept the fact that if we got married, I would have only boys (which, as you can see, I have accepted).
Jake is SURE that we will break the curse. He thinks we may even do it on the first try. But just a warning to my future children: The Mont Curse will be passed on. We have every intention of using "Mont" as a middle name for one of our many boys.

p.s. We should know about this one in the next 6-7 weeks.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The Population Growth in Tucson

I'm sure everyone that reads this blog is already aware of this, but if there are any secret readers out there, this entry is for you.

Tucson's population today: 486,699 people
Tucson's population after September 26th: 486,700 people

13 weeks, 1 day.

A strong heartbeat.

Friday, March 17, 2006

There's a Kiss at the End of the Rainbow

Jake & I travelled to Rocky Point last weekend. We left at about 8:30am - just as the rain started. It rained on us the whole way there and the wind blew like crazy. But, 3 or 4 times throughout our drive, this would appear in the sky.

It was rainy the entire first day, which only meant that we had to eat our fabulous shrimp tacos indoors. By the next morning, the sun was out and the sky was blue. It was a perfect day on the beaches of Mexico.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Anyone Want a Unicorn?

We bought this Pink Unicorn costume for Jake for next Halloween, but it doesn’t fit him like we had hoped.

Does anyone know someone who would be interested in it? It should be someone about ½ his size and ¼ his weight. Also, we’d prefer to give it to someone who really really likes pink unicorns.



Thursday, March 09, 2006

Part 4: And the Rest is History

Jake's second attempt to go on a date with me was a successful one. I decided to accept his offer this time. We went on a double date with one of Jake's companions from his mission who was in town for the weekend. We set him up with one of Danny's friends, we'll call her "Alison". And again, Alison, I'm sorry for that whole experience.

I had a really good time though. It was my first experience buying scalped tickets. That wasn't our best date though. Our best date came almost exactly a month later - on Labor Day. Jake & I realized that neither of us had ever been to the Grand Canyon, except a quick stop on the drive home from Utah one time. So we packed a picnic, borrowed a quilt, and headed north.

Here we are enjoying the view. And now, may I present to you my latest freehand Microsoft Paint drawing, just completed a couple of weeks ago: Grand Canyon

Monday was our 2nd wedding Anniversary. That is why the story began on Monday. Thanks for crashing my birthday and marrying me on your birthday, Jake. I love you.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Part 3: The Pursuit

I forgot to mention something very critical. Well, actually I didn't forget to mention it, I thought it happened later in the story, but now I remember that it happened at the party. I had a trip to California planned with Brad Stoddard at the end of July. Sometime during the party, I brought that up, saying that I wouldn't be able to hang out with anyone that weekend.

Ok, back to the story. For the next few days after the party, I called anyone I knew that might have known Jake in high school, to see what he was like. Everyone in high school knew him as Jacob, and all anyone really knew was that he was shy and skinny, but they all thought they remembered him as a good kid. I also hung out with Danny's friends one day (Danny was on a mission at the time) and told them all about Jake.

Anyway, apparently my "I dare you to use it" statement worked. Jake remembered it, and said that it was one of the main reasons he actually did call. He called and invited me to a work party the weekend I was going to California. I had to reject him. I was so mad. But, I did point out during the phone call that he knew I wasn't available that weekend. (I later learned that he has zero memory, and I shouldn't have assumed he remembered our conversation). I didn't think about much else on my trip to California. I even told Brad about him, even though Jake & I never really hung out.

After California, I knew that the ball was in my court. I had to call him so he would know I really was interested, and I really did want to go out with him. I called his cell, and he was at work. He told me he worked for a law firm in Phoenix cleaning their toilets. I believed him. (why wouldn't I? I was unemployed at the time, so anything sounded like a good job to me.) I got his e-mail address and we began IM-ing each other from 10:00am until noon every day. I then realized that a toilet cleaner wouldn't have that much access to a computer, and figured out that he must do something else besides janitorial work.

During this IM-ing time, I saw Justin at a Post event, and told him that it would be fun to set up "Game Night" with his friends and kids from the Post. This, of course, was my passive attempt to see Jake again. It worked, and game night existed every Sunday night for a couple of weeks until Jake & I began hanging out without the excuse of game night. Then game night stopped - it had fulfilled its purpose.

Next: The First Date.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Part 2: The Rest of the Party

I wanted to get to know this kid, who's name isn't Adam, better, but I had a problem. I had invited one of my friends from BYU-we'll call him Dan- to the party, and he didn't know anyone but me, so I was forced to hang out with him all night. Well, I wasn't going to let this Adam boy leave my party without getting to know me, so I went over to him, with "Dan" in tow, and asked him if he wanted to play Uno Attack. He said he would, but we needed batteries for the game, so I asked to borrow his cell phone to call my house. I then had Dan go pick up the batteries (ah, some alone time at last).

It was then that we realized that we graduated from the same high school the same year. He even recognized some of my friends at the party, but we had never even heard of each other.

Dan came back with the batteries, so he and I set up the game. I came back to not-Adam, who's name is actually Jake, and told him, with an accidental touch to the forearm, that we were ready to play.

We had a good time (it is Uno, you know) playing a couple rounds with a bunch of people from the party, and then everyone started heading out. We both mentioned to each other that it was fun hanging out and whatnot, and that we should do it again sometime. Jake then remembered that he had my phone number in his phone, since I had used it to call my house. And, in a last desperate attempt to see him again, I shouted the only thing I could think of as they were walking down the steps of the clubhouse, "I dare you to use it."

You know how when you say something stupid, you cringe inside? And something in your body, as you're saying your stupid thing is inside you going, "NOOO! Don't Do It!!!" That's how that moment felt. "I dare you to use it"? Seriously?

Could this be the fateful end? Stay tuned...

Monday, March 06, 2006

In the Beginning - 07.12.03

In the summer of 2003 I spent a couple of days a week at the Three Fountains pool with my married friends Joe & Rhonda. We decided there that it would be a good idea to have a party in the Club House, just to get all of our friends together. Rhonda's birthday was fast approaching, so we decided to throw her a birthday party for our party. However, I shortly realized that I would be gone on vacation over her birthday so that wouldn't work.

We then changed it to be a birthday party for me, and set the date for July 12, 2003. In the mean time, I went on my vacation. It was a SCUBA diving trip to the Bahamas with the Post. It was my 3rd trip with them and I like going on these trips because it gives all of the kids involved in the Post a chance to become reacquainted with one another.

After the trip, I began planning everything for the party. Now, I might add here that I throw a great party. There was swimming, pool tables, nintendo, and Uno Attack - something for everyone. I invited everyone I knew. I even invites some of the kids in the Post. Well, when my mom found out I invited Post kids, she asked me if I invited Justin. Justin is a boy that is my age and from the same high school as me, but I didn't know him in high school, and we didn't have much in common. We never even hung out on our vacation, when we were living on the same boat together. I told my mom that I hadn't invited him, and she told me that I should, because he doesn't have too many friends. I told her that I would, but that was a lie (sorry mom).

As my party got closer, my mom would remind me more and more frequently to invite Justin, but the whole time I knew I wasn't going to. The night of the party, my mom came by to see how things were going, and noticed that Justin wasn't there. She asked me if I invited him, and I said that I never got around to it. She went back home, and without me knowing it, called him up and invited him to come.

That night, Justin was hanging out with a couple of guys from his ward. They had nothing to do that night, so when my mom called, Justin was really excited to come. He told the guys about the party, and they weren't too thrilled about it. They didn't think that anyone that Justin was friends with would be that cool, so they just didn't want to get involved. But, for a lack of anything better to do, they came to the party. However, they drove in separate cars, just in case it was lame.

You can imagine my surprise when Justin came in the door of the clubhouse. I told him I was glad he could make it. He brought 4 or 5 friends, and as he was introducing them to me, one of them looked at my shirt and asked, "Is your name Logan?". I was wearing a thrift store fireman shirt that must have belonged to a guy named Logan. I said, "No, this is a thrift store shirt." Then, one of Justin's friends, who I hadn't met yet, turned around and faced the group and, pointing to the name printed on his own shirt said, "Hey, my name isn't Adam". I was immediately intrigued.

to be continued...