Monday, March 06, 2006

In the Beginning - 07.12.03

In the summer of 2003 I spent a couple of days a week at the Three Fountains pool with my married friends Joe & Rhonda. We decided there that it would be a good idea to have a party in the Club House, just to get all of our friends together. Rhonda's birthday was fast approaching, so we decided to throw her a birthday party for our party. However, I shortly realized that I would be gone on vacation over her birthday so that wouldn't work.

We then changed it to be a birthday party for me, and set the date for July 12, 2003. In the mean time, I went on my vacation. It was a SCUBA diving trip to the Bahamas with the Post. It was my 3rd trip with them and I like going on these trips because it gives all of the kids involved in the Post a chance to become reacquainted with one another.

After the trip, I began planning everything for the party. Now, I might add here that I throw a great party. There was swimming, pool tables, nintendo, and Uno Attack - something for everyone. I invited everyone I knew. I even invites some of the kids in the Post. Well, when my mom found out I invited Post kids, she asked me if I invited Justin. Justin is a boy that is my age and from the same high school as me, but I didn't know him in high school, and we didn't have much in common. We never even hung out on our vacation, when we were living on the same boat together. I told my mom that I hadn't invited him, and she told me that I should, because he doesn't have too many friends. I told her that I would, but that was a lie (sorry mom).

As my party got closer, my mom would remind me more and more frequently to invite Justin, but the whole time I knew I wasn't going to. The night of the party, my mom came by to see how things were going, and noticed that Justin wasn't there. She asked me if I invited him, and I said that I never got around to it. She went back home, and without me knowing it, called him up and invited him to come.

That night, Justin was hanging out with a couple of guys from his ward. They had nothing to do that night, so when my mom called, Justin was really excited to come. He told the guys about the party, and they weren't too thrilled about it. They didn't think that anyone that Justin was friends with would be that cool, so they just didn't want to get involved. But, for a lack of anything better to do, they came to the party. However, they drove in separate cars, just in case it was lame.

You can imagine my surprise when Justin came in the door of the clubhouse. I told him I was glad he could make it. He brought 4 or 5 friends, and as he was introducing them to me, one of them looked at my shirt and asked, "Is your name Logan?". I was wearing a thrift store fireman shirt that must have belonged to a guy named Logan. I said, "No, this is a thrift store shirt." Then, one of Justin's friends, who I hadn't met yet, turned around and faced the group and, pointing to the name printed on his own shirt said, "Hey, my name isn't Adam". I was immediately intrigued.

to be continued...


Stephanie said...

ah, young love. i can't wait for the rest of the story, even though i already know it.

Jake said...

steph, don't ruin it for me. i haven't heard this one yet.

Emily said...

I have a feeling this is a very interesting love story, can't wait to hear more.