Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Part 2: The Rest of the Party

I wanted to get to know this kid, who's name isn't Adam, better, but I had a problem. I had invited one of my friends from BYU-we'll call him Dan- to the party, and he didn't know anyone but me, so I was forced to hang out with him all night. Well, I wasn't going to let this Adam boy leave my party without getting to know me, so I went over to him, with "Dan" in tow, and asked him if he wanted to play Uno Attack. He said he would, but we needed batteries for the game, so I asked to borrow his cell phone to call my house. I then had Dan go pick up the batteries (ah, some alone time at last).

It was then that we realized that we graduated from the same high school the same year. He even recognized some of my friends at the party, but we had never even heard of each other.

Dan came back with the batteries, so he and I set up the game. I came back to not-Adam, who's name is actually Jake, and told him, with an accidental touch to the forearm, that we were ready to play.

We had a good time (it is Uno, you know) playing a couple rounds with a bunch of people from the party, and then everyone started heading out. We both mentioned to each other that it was fun hanging out and whatnot, and that we should do it again sometime. Jake then remembered that he had my phone number in his phone, since I had used it to call my house. And, in a last desperate attempt to see him again, I shouted the only thing I could think of as they were walking down the steps of the clubhouse, "I dare you to use it."

You know how when you say something stupid, you cringe inside? And something in your body, as you're saying your stupid thing is inside you going, "NOOO! Don't Do It!!!" That's how that moment felt. "I dare you to use it"? Seriously?

Could this be the fateful end? Stay tuned...

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