Thursday, March 09, 2006

Part 4: And the Rest is History

Jake's second attempt to go on a date with me was a successful one. I decided to accept his offer this time. We went on a double date with one of Jake's companions from his mission who was in town for the weekend. We set him up with one of Danny's friends, we'll call her "Alison". And again, Alison, I'm sorry for that whole experience.

I had a really good time though. It was my first experience buying scalped tickets. That wasn't our best date though. Our best date came almost exactly a month later - on Labor Day. Jake & I realized that neither of us had ever been to the Grand Canyon, except a quick stop on the drive home from Utah one time. So we packed a picnic, borrowed a quilt, and headed north.

Here we are enjoying the view. And now, may I present to you my latest freehand Microsoft Paint drawing, just completed a couple of weeks ago: Grand Canyon

Monday was our 2nd wedding Anniversary. That is why the story began on Monday. Thanks for crashing my birthday and marrying me on your birthday, Jake. I love you.


Robin said...

Abbie, you're so good at paintbrush that it is slightly disturbing. I still love you. And I'm glad you love Jake, he's alright.

Emily said...

You are amazing with paintbrush. Do you remember doing McPaint (I think? or was it something Apple?) at Grandma's house in her den as kids? I bet Mike does.

Stephanie said...

honestly, abbie, you need to keep making these pictures so someday you can have a show at a gallery. and people will pay you for them. you are that good. i love your and jake's story. you are truly meant to be together and i love you both. now, when are you moving back to mesa?

Jake said...

Not to discount your paint ability, but did you pick this picture so that you didn't have to do the faces? I bet faces are really hard. And yes, that's a challenge.