Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012

We had a really fun Halloween this year! Parties, parades, Trunk or Treat, and trick-or-treating in an Anaheim neighborhood - there was a lot going on!

On to the costumes:

 Sophie the Dog

Bat Sam

Dooneese and Lawrence Welk

And poor Mary didn't have a costume this year.
She just hung out in her pajamas.

I hope your Halloween was great too!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Mary's First Birthday

Our Mary Louise turned one last week! She's still best known for her petite frame, so I decided to have a "mini" party for her.

We set up at the park. We're having beautiful evening weather that we wanted to take advantage of, plus Mary has tons of cousins who need room to run around - so it was perfect!

As part of the mini theme, we had all miniature food: sliders (condiments served with doll spoons & knives), lil' smokies cooked like hotdogs and served on mini homemade hotdog buns, pasta salad with mini bowtie pasta & tiny pepperonis, deviled quail eggs, shrimp, a veggie platter of baby carrots, grape tomatoes, mini cucumber slices, and small (Kettle Cooked) potato chips, mini dill pickles, mini oreos, baby goldfish crackers, mini M&Ms, and mini cupcakes.


I also made her a little bunting banner, blew up water balloons, and printed wallet-sized pictures of her that I put in 2-inch frames. 

And per tradition, here is the official 1st birthday cake destroying sequence:

That's a girl that knows what she wants.

Happy Birthday Little Miss Mary!

(See Sophie's & Sam's if you want)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sophie Turned 6

Sophie turned 6 on Sunday. 

We were not going have a party for her this year, since we did a big one last year, but on Wednesday after school, we decided that a small "cousins" party the next day would be a good idea.

So we headed to the store to pick out a craft for them to do together, and that is where Sophie's Paint Party was born.

Sophie picked out some ceramic animals to paint as well as some new nail polish. Their paint party consisted of face painting (courtesy of Cathy), painting animals, getting their fingernails and toenails painted, and painting canvases. 

Not unlike her 3rd birthday, where she requested apple pie, several months ago, she asked if she could have cinnamon rolls for her birthday this year instead of cake. So cinnamon rolls it was. Sunday morning, we celebrated her actual birthday with cinnamon rolls at Grandma's house.

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Picture Pages Picture Pages

2012 (Age 5)

I love school pictures. So much. 

And now, as a parent, I totally get why they used to have a parent volunteer walking through the line combing kids' hair on their way to the portrait chair. 

They must not do that anymore :)

2010 (Age 3)                                     2011 (Age 4)