Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sophie Turned 6

Sophie turned 6 on Sunday. 

We were not going have a party for her this year, since we did a big one last year, but on Wednesday after school, we decided that a small "cousins" party the next day would be a good idea.

So we headed to the store to pick out a craft for them to do together, and that is where Sophie's Paint Party was born.

Sophie picked out some ceramic animals to paint as well as some new nail polish. Their paint party consisted of face painting (courtesy of Cathy), painting animals, getting their fingernails and toenails painted, and painting canvases. 

Not unlike her 3rd birthday, where she requested apple pie, several months ago, she asked if she could have cinnamon rolls for her birthday this year instead of cake. So cinnamon rolls it was. Sunday morning, we celebrated her actual birthday with cinnamon rolls at Grandma's house.


Ginger said...

Happy birthday Abbie!
And great idea for the painting party. We are having Sophie's birthday soon, and were going to paint ceramic animals, but I love the idea of face painting. too.

Cathy Jones said...

you used the wrong there/their/they're in one of your paragraphs.

The party was a success though. I think Stella might still have some of her face paint on.

stephanie said...

i finally washed stella's face paint off after like 5 days. she loved it! thanks for a good party.