Saturday, December 29, 2007

Sophie Hearts Cats & Dogs

Sophie loves all things live and fuzzy. She becomes giddy when in the presence of my parents' cats, and absolutely loves Jake's parents' dogs.

Sophie with Fred & Ethel

Sophie loves the cats so much that she invented a sound to show her affection for them. Her word is "Keeeeeee" (pronounced "key", but whispered and stretched out for 4 seconds). However in a cruel twist of fate, when she's really excited, the sound she invented that means "I love you, cat, more than you'll ever know" can sound more like "HSSSSSSSsssssssssss" which, of course, to a cat means "I'm about to attack you and scratch your eyes out if you don't run away".

So every time Sophie would gracefully wobble over to the cats, expressing her undying love, the cats would run away. Poor Sophie.


Mrs. Monkey said...

Poor Sophie.

Teach her to purr. I don't know to, but my oldest did that every time he saw a cat. That was how he said kitty.

Emily said...

Jonah too is giddy with joy around pets but only manages to scare them away most of the time.