Tuesday, June 20, 2006

4 Jobs in 4 Weeks

My life is completely different than what it was one month ago (well, completely different during regular business hours, pretty much the same the rest of the day). I started out a month ago at PPEP in Tucson, then moved to Mesa, where I quickly acquired a temp position with a well-known insurance company. However, the job described to me was far from the actual position, so I had to make a decision: either explode on the inside or quit. So I now have on my record a 2 1/2 week job. Nice. I worked there until last Wednesday. Last Thursday I started working for my mom at her law firm. I'm not sure what my title is, but it something like, "Awesome Attorney Assitant Extrodinaire-temp".

(Have you been keeping track? That's 3 jobs)

Then, on Saturday, I started my Saturday job - answering the phones for my dad's chem-dry business. It's commission only though, so it really varies on the pay I'll be making from it.

Stay tuned for my BIG post - sometime between Saturday and Monday. It's going to be HUGE news. And awesome. (no, Stephanie, I'm not going to reveal baby girl's name)


Stephanie said...

awe, come on!

Emily said...

Abbie, good to have you blogging again. I did a temp job at an insurance company twice, the first one I had to quit too, it was awful.

Jake said...

i don't even think that i know what this big news is.

Stephanie said...

abbie, i don't know your email address, otherwise i would send this info in an email, but here is a good link about saving money on diapers.