Thursday, May 26, 2011

Teacher Appreciation Gifts (With a How-To!)

Extra special teacher appreciation gifts take a lot of time, talent, money, and crafting skills.

First, get some Thank You cards. Cards left over from your wedding thank-yous work great.

2nd, have your student write "Thank you from Sophie*" in each one. *Please note in this step, you will substitute your own student's name for "Sophie". If you have a Sophie, leave it the same.

3rd, insert a gift card.

4th, seal the cards up in envelopes and have aforementioned student write each teacher's name on the fronts.

5th, let her (him maybe?) go to town with stickers.

6th, take pictures at weird angles and extremely close up to make a How-To blog post. A really good blogger would have a super nice camera and stop her student at every step to get action shots along the way.

(having the picture focused in the front and blurry in the back is a sign of a good photographer)

7th, blog. Oh, and make sure they make it into her backpack for school.


stephanie said...

nice. i don't think i could have figured that out without your fantastic tutorial. :)

Cathy said...

There were not nearly enough pictures to make you a good crafter or blogger. Maybe next time.

Kim said...

I hope I can comment now that I have reset