Friday, July 30, 2010

New England Part V: Canobie Lake Park

Our funnest day of the trip was our day at Canobie Lake Park. It's an amusement/water park in New Hampshire, and it was just FILLED with things that Sophie loved to do. There's an entire Kiddieland section with rides only for kids 48" and under. She loved going on those, telling us that we were too big for her rides.

Kiddie Cars

Dune Buggy

Flying Rooster (Sophie yelled out
"This ride is TOO FAST!" the whole time)

Spinning Cars

(Sophie & Jake appear at about 14 seconds)

We spent several hours in the early afternoon riding all the rides, and then changed into our swimming suits to go on all the wet rides and into the water park area.

Can you spot Sophie in this picture?

We were so glad we decided to go. Both kids were fast asleep the second we got on the road home (one may or may not be asleep in this family picture). It was a great day!

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Cathy said...

I love the first picture... and every picture that Sophie is riding in something by herself. She's totally excited