Monday, July 26, 2010

New England Part I: Granddad's House

We just returned from an incredible trip to New England. (if you're really interested, you can see more pictures here, here, and here) We started the trip with a red eye flight to Boston. For some reason, we thought it would go really well.

Instead, we all experienced our first Whole-Family All-Nighter! Luckily it didn't phase the kids for several hours, and at 7am (4am Arizona time) my kids were happy and playing and running around Granddad's back yard.

Right before Cathy took this picture, she said "Sophie, show me your stick!" and so here we have Sophie proudly displaying her stick for Cathy. (click to zoom)


Lindsi said...

I'm really excited to read everyone's trip recaps and see all of their pictures. And "Whole-Family All-Nighter" makes that first night sound much funner than it really was. But I'm glad we were able to recover quickly.

Cathy said...

I think you need to zoom in on Sophie's face so everyone can get the real effect of how awesome and proud her face looks admiring the stick.

nana said...

You forgot to mention Sam crawling down the aisle while you were asleep and being returned to you by a fellow passenger.