Saturday, July 31, 2010

New England Part VI: The Beach

We decided to spend one afternoon at the beach. Sam was sleeping as we were getting ready, so we didn't get a chance to change him into his swimming suit before we arrived. He woke up just as we set everything down on the sand, so I stripped him down to get him ready. Before I could stop him, he was in the sand testing it out. Apparently it's delicious because the next several minutes had him doing this:

Hand over hand sand eating. Crawl a little, grab a handful of sand to eat, crawl some more, eat some more. There was no stopping the kid.

Eventually Jake took him down to the water to get rinsed off and we were able to get a suit on him.

Some exciting local news took place the day we played in the ocean. 150 people were simultaneously stung by a gigantic jellyfish just down the street from where we were.

Luckily we were all safe and didn't even hear about the incident until we were safely back home. After we had been at the beach for a while, Sam decided to get some alone time. He crawled away from me all on his own, and then just sat watching the water for a while. He frequently likes to be by himself, so I just let him enjoy it.


Cathy said...

Sam was being so patient with that bird. He'd crawl a little... watch a little. He was so focused

Emily said...

Great photos.