Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I Want That

Sophie has entered a stage where she is very curious about anything I am holding. If ever anything in my hands comes in semi-close proximity to her reach, she'll grab for it. She's so interested in everything Jake & I do.


Before you scroll down to see this picture, I need to do some explaining. (As I've learned from other funny pictures I've posted on this blog)

No, she did not eat any. No, I didn't even let her lick the salt off the packaging. Yes, she's in the driver's seat, but we were parked at the law school waiting for Jake to get out of class. Yes, she was fastened in her car seat the entire time we were driving. No, she hasn't learned how to drive a stick shift yet. No, she's never had a fry in her life. Or chocolate, etc.

Okay, here you go.

I just wanted to show how it's impossible to hold anything near her. She also took control of my drink. It's amazing sometimes how extended her reach can get. Sometimes I think I'm at a safe distance, and then whatever I'm holding gets swiped from my grip.


diana rose said...

hahaha... love the picture disclaimer.

just you wait abbie, that girl's grasp and reach will develop into cat-like reflexes and monkey tight grips.

Leslie said...

miles loves chick-fil-a french fries. i say start 'em young.

Stephanie said...

seriously, she's not too young for french fries, right?

Tori :) said...

Who the heck has been reading your blog to make you feel you need all those disclaimers??? ;)
Liv had fries early on. I believe Taj fed them to her. Oops.

Cathy said...

It's not the fries I'm worried about... its the fact that we caught you pinching her arm. Hurting babies doesn't solve your clepto baby problems ABBIE.

melmck said...

I love that pic! Gracie still does the same thing but she's getting really good at it.

Emily said...

Awww, give her a fry already!