Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Decisions, Decisions

On Saturday, Jake and I came across a table at an estate sale that we just couldn't refuse, even though we don't need a table. We're usually more practical than that, but the price was right and the style is great. It has a leaf to extend it to fit all 6 of it's chairs. It's solid wood, it was made by The Lane Co., and the upholstery dates it to at least the 60's, but we have no other info on it.

Yesterday, we bought new fabric and padding, and began reupholstering the chairs.

So the question is:

Do we keep this new table and give our old table back to it's owner? Or do we re-sell the new one and make a profit? If we sell the new one, we get money now, and a new table when we need one. If we keep this one, we'll have our own table with matching chairs, that can extend when our family does.



Jill said...

I'm down with the vintage myself. Does my vote count?

Stephanie said...

ooh, that new one is so cute! i love it. KEEP IT!!

Robin said...

I have to agree, the new one is just too cool to sell, keep it!Who is the original owner of the old one?

Lauren said...

They are both so stylish and have their own personality, but I am leaning with the new one...I love those chairs!

melmck said...

My vote is for the new table.

Leslie said...

keep the "new" old one. it's way cool and has more character than the old one.