Monday, April 09, 2007

Journal Jar #7: My Mom / EASTER

What are the things I admire about my mom?

  • Smart
  • Educated
  • Great Personality
  • No-Nonsense
  • She'd rather have an accoustic show at the clubhouse than an HOA meeting, and makes sure that all the residents stay out of the way so the kids can have a good time
  • World famous (in Mesa, anyway: "Oh, you're Susan's daughter??!!?!?!)
  • Thrift Store shopper
  • Knows EVERYTHING about EVERYONE (be careful what you disclose). This is good if you need info, but can be bad if you're the one with the news. Most stories that Cathy starts to tell me get interupted by me saying, "Yeah, Mom already told me."


We had a great Easter complete with dinner with Ben, Macey, & Kiley. With our forces combined, we ended up with a delicious menu including ham, cheesy potatoes, green bean casserole, salad, rolls, & Martinelli's, with a chocolaty dessert. We couldn't have asked for a better way to end our Easter Sunday, especially since we were both spending the day away from our families.

Sophie sported her Easter dress & sweater at church - Thanks to Robin (It was her Christmas gift, but it didn't fit 'til now.) Perfect timing. Perfect cutie.


Stephanie said...

love the tights!

Robin said...

Yes, well I planned it that way. She looks adorable, as usual! Can't wait to kiss those cheeks again.

melmck said...

She is so cute and happy!

Macey Kay said...

Thanks for coming over!

Lauren said...

I LOVE her dress...and I love the headband...with her being a spokesbaby these days, she is quite the little model :)