Sunday, April 01, 2007

Journal Jar #6: Summer

Describe your Favorite Summer Activities

Lately, my favorite summer activity has been swimming in my parent's pool. It's fun because it's always a big deal, with brothers & sisters and Mabel & Oliver - no matter how many times a week we do it. It was especially nice last summer being large with child in the AZ heat, and I'm really looking forward to it this summer with Sophie.

This isn't an activity, but I also look forward to summer because it means that Jake doesn't have homework. Even though he'll be gone longer durning the day, once he's home, he's HOME. No worrying about papers or reading or finals.

As a kid, I always loved swim & synchro lessons, Mesa Parks & Recreation classes ("Arts & Crafts"), going camping in the forest over 3-day weekends, and hanging out with Kellie full-time.


Mrs. Burns said...

You might be seeing my big fat with-child belly in that pool this summer if you are up here.

Whitings said...

Abbie! Your Sophie is so cute! I love those pictures of her. AZ summer makes me think...holy hotness… but it’s the best because everyone wants to swim or go to the lake!

melmck said...

I do love swimming in AZ because it's always hot enough to stay in the pool or lake. Not so in Utah.