Saturday, March 31, 2007

Outside is Fun

Jake spent the afternoon doing Man Stuff today. He was up on the roof patching tiles that had blown away during our wind storm earlier this week AND fixing the evap. Sophie and I enjoyed our time outside on our make-shift grass (a foam pad with a quilt draped over it).


Macey Kay said...

She's cute-looks like fun! Kids club is this Tues at 10:30 if you 2 would like to come again.

Tori :) said...

She is just SO pretty!

diana rose said...

dear sophie,

your dress is so pretty. you look so pretty in it. don't you love being outdoors? i hope that we can play together soon, because you are really cute.


Lauren said...

She looks so beautiful!! I love her dress and headband.

nana said...

Sophie looks like a fashion model in the first shot. What a babe!!