Sunday, March 11, 2007

Journal Jar #3: What Is Your Full Name?

What is your full name?
Why were you named that?
If you could change it to anything, what would it be?

My name is Abigail Kristin.

I was named after Abigail Adams, the 2nd First Lady of the United States. My mom really liked her and respected her, and so that is where I got my name. I just found out this year that my middle name was chosen because it's the name of my dad's favorite cousin.

I used to not like my name (as probably most elementary school kids did). The reason I didn't like it that much was because I didn't know any other Abbies growing up. I thought that my parents picked an outdated name, so I was embarrassed by it. Little did I realize that that was a GOOD thing. I remember wishing my name was Julie when I was a kid. I thought Julie was a fabulous name, and I envied the Julies I knew. My liking of this name came partially from my favorite movie.

I now really like my name, and definitely wouldn't change it (Although I did change my last name 3 years ago - mostly because I had a hard time writing it in cursive. Oh, and cause I got married). I like that Abbie/Abigail is extremely popular for a baby's name now. When I was born, it was ranked like 246, and now it's like #3. I like meeting 1-year-olds with my name.


Leslie said...

oh, i can just hear julie's little sister saying, "Oh julie!" in that horrible utah accent they all have in that movie.

Tori :) said...

I like the name Abbie/Abigail. I named my little girl Isabel and I think that surprised a lot of people. Kinda old-timey. But now you hear Isabella, Isabel, all over the place.

melmck said...

We thought of Abby when we were thinking of a name for Gracie. My name has never really been that popular. I would love to meet a 1 year old with my name. P.S. Robby and I just saw The Illusionist and the leading lady's name is Sophie and it made me want to have a girl named Sophie!