Friday, March 23, 2007

A Tooth! A Tooth!

Yesterday Jake felt a tiny little tooth bud in Sophie's mouth. So tiny that it wasn't even visible yet. This morning it was barely visible, and extra cute.

Today she also cannot nap. Is it the tooth? It's my only guess since she's usually an AWESOME napper. I even broke like 10 rules at our house this morning and gave her a complete 2-armed swaddle, layed her in her swing, cranked it up to speed #3, and turned on the music just to get her to sleep. She hasn't slept in her swing for months (and for a 5-month-old, that's like 1/3 of her life), but she would have none of her crib this morning. Anyway, I tried to digitally capture the little tooth, but have you ever tried to take an up-close picture of the inside of a baby's mouth? Not easy. Here's what I came up with (excluding all the extra-blurry pics):

And no, you cannot see teeth in any of these pictures.
Even if you look carefully.


Tori :) said...

Thanks for telling us you can't see the tooth even if we try, or I would have looked really silly staring at pictures of Sophie's mouth. :)

Robin said...

I never could get one of Charlotte's first tooth either.

Lindy said...

i would definitely say that the whole not napping thing is the tooth, do you have any teething tablets i think they are made by hyland you can get them at walmart they are homeopathic and they worked great for my kids

Macey Kay said...

Kiley now has tooth number 2 and her napping has changed also...She really likes the flavor of Baby Orajel-it numbs her mouth. I couldn't get pics of the tooth either.

melmck said...

I say Amen to the homeopatic teething tablets. I gave them to gracie starting at 6 months but she didn't get her first tooth until she was 11 months. But i still swear by them. Plus i think they taste good.

Stephanie said...

what a sweet little mouth!

diana rose said...

i too struggled to capture ava's first tooth and finally managed by the time her second tooth was coming in.

sooooophie is sooooo cute.

i'm so glad you decided on sophie instead of fophie. it sounds much better.