Saturday, April 07, 2007

May I Introduce. . .

Baby Ava Designs

After several negotiations, Sophie accepted the offer to become the newest Spokesbaby for the Tucson division of Baby Ava Designs. Her first order of business will be to show off her brand new headband on Easter Sunday tomorrow.

Thank you to Diana for her generous offer. Sophie is excited to begin working (aka: being cute).

In other news:


Robin said...

Good thing she's naturally a hard worker (aka: really cute!)
We miss Sophie. And you guys, really.

Tori :) said...

She is a cutie!!
Happy 1/2 year!

Lindy said...

if they want to open a washington division i know a hard worker, how do i order a cutie headband?

Macey Kay said...

Can't wait to see her! Darling bow and dress. If you want, you can bring her walker!

diana rose said...

sophie is already making our company proud!

i'm so glad all the negotiations and paper work are finally behind us... (whew, what a nightmare!)

we're so lucky to have her represent!