Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Smoke Alarms

(everyone knock on wood before reading this post.
I would hate to talk about how ridiculous my smoke alarms are,
only to have my house go up in flames)

I live in a 1349 square foot, 3 bedroom home. We have EIGHT smoke alarms. Our hallway leading to the office has TWO alarms in it. They are 6 feet apart. And, the far smoke alarm is only 5 feet away from the one in the office.

The first picture shows the 2 in the hall, and the second pic shows the hall one next to the one in the office (you can see the alarm above the door).

Last night we heard the distinct *beep* of a smoke alarm with a dying battery. Jake went into the garage to get the ladder, and I stood in the family room - evenly spacing myself between the FOUR smoke alarms that I thought could be the culprit.

*beep* We decided it was the close hallway alarm. Jake set up the ladder, pulled out the battery, and replaced it with a new one. *beep* We were wrong. We got the battery back.

I went into the den and Jake went into the office. It was definitely the one in the office. Jake replaced the battery. *beep*

We got the battery back. I stood up on the ladder in the den so that my ear was right by the alarm.

It was loud. It was definitly the one in the den. Plus we had tried all the others. Jake replaced the battery in the den. *beep*

A faint beep? There were TWO culprits at the SAME TIME. It turns out the office needed a new battery after all.

So after a crazy scavenger hunt, we finally got the beeping to stop. BOTH beepin

p.s. The little one is smiley today.


Tori :) said...

I'm happy to know you are keeping that cutie super safe from fires. :)

Robin said...

That would make me feel like saying some "beeps" myself.

melmck said...

we had that same problem in our orem house. it was awful and very consistent.

Stephanie said...

seriously, 8 alarms! i would venture to say that is a tad bit ridiculous, but better safe than sorry.
miss sophie is darling.

Cathy said...

Last time that happened to me in the middle of the night I tried taking it off the wall, but it still kept beeping. So I wrapped it up in 3 blankets and put it on the far corner of the family room, but I could still hear it from my bedroom. So then I left it in the blankets but threw it out the back door and let dad deal with it in the morning.

diana rose said...

i hate it when our alarms beep... especially when there's a fire. so annoying.


Kim said...

These are some of my favorite pictures of Sophie. She just gets cuter everyday. I am glad she is so well protected from fire. I have noticed before that your hallway is very "busy" but I did not realize you had quite THAT many smoke alarms.