Thursday, August 24, 2006

Yesterday Afternoon





The lovely green tree you see in the first picture is now lying down in our front yard. About 8 power poles went down on top of cars at the nearest intersection to our house, along with most of the other mesquite trees on our major streets.


Stephanie said...

oh no! it was such a nice tree! can it be saved?

Jake said...

i think that it could be, but it would probably never be the same. plus, we didn't like it very much. we're actually pretty glad that it fell. we never would have cut it down on our own.

Abbie also failed to mention that we were on the news. She sent a picture to our favorite weather man, and he showed it in the newscast, and even said Abbie's name.

Robin said...

Woohoo for fame and fortune! or neither, but a free detreeing is always nice. I wish we had a tree, lots in our neighborhood fell down monday night.

Emily said...