Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Motherly Advice

Jake and I have been looking at strollers for months now. We settled on this one:But now we're having second thoughts. We recently realized that you can get a "lightweight" stroller that fits a carseat, and those seem very appealing to me.The lightweights still have a basket underneath (smaller though), a cupholder for mom, & the seat reclines. One of the ones we looked at only had a handle for baby, no cup/snack tray. Also it looks like the wheels are smaller. A lot of the lightweights fold up like an umbrella stroller and weigh about 10-12 lbs. They cost about the same.

So here's where I need that motherly advice from all you moms out there. Will I miss the big stroller if I go with the lightweight? Or will I be glad I have it?


Stephanie said...

i would go with the light weight, as long as your car seat fits snaps into it. i don't think you would miss the big stroller at all.

Robin said...

You definitely won't miss trying to fit the huge stroller into your trunk. Go light. And as for a tray with a cupholder, just know anything you place there will be immediately thrown to the floor for you to retrieve several times.