Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Last Week's Project

Due to a doctor's appointment on Monday and my boss being out of town Tuesday through Friday, I did not work at all last week.

On Monday, I spent the day driving to Tucson, taking a glucose test, and visiting my doctor. She said that my baby has a nice strong heartbeat - in the 150's, and she's measuring at exactly 31 weeks (which is right where I was supposed to be last week).

Since I didn't have to work Tuesday through Friday either, I spent the time working on one of my long-anticipated projects: my quilt. Here is what I accomplished:

This is just the front. It hasn't been tied or anything. It measures about 3½' x 4½'. My next project includes using the striped fabric to make crib bedding (hint, hint Robin). It's not perfect, but I think it turned out pretty good considering I got the idea from watching a quilting show one morning, and then just figured it out from there.

Oh, also, before this project, I was able to reupholster my glider cushions and ottoman. This was only possible thanks to the generous support and help of Stephanie. The cushions were moved back to Tucson on Monday though, so I don't have pictures yet. I'll take full nursery shots once we move back.


Stephanie said...

what a cute quilt. good job! when are you coming over to pick up some free baby clothes and presents?

diana rose said...

abbie, your quilting skills have impressed me!

Emily said...

I'd been wondering what all your mysterious "projects" were. Good post and great quilt!