Sunday, August 27, 2006

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Have you been to Michael's lately? If not, you need to go in the next week or two before it's all gone. Fall is here, but Christmas décor is encroaching, so fall is shorter than ever. It's quite a shame, because I LOVE fall decorations and fall colors and fall holidays. If I had any money, I would decorate my whole house for fall.

Speaking of fall holidays, my favorite holiday of the year is sooner than you think. Have you been thinking of your costumes? We have. We have our idea all put together. We just haven't done any physical work on them yet. This brings me to my question: When should the 3rd Annual Halloween Party be? (Yes, it'll be in Mesa). Here are your 2 options:

1. Saturday, October 28th
2. Tuesday, October 31st

Should we keep with the tradition of having a weekend party, or should we just go for the Tuesday party since no one really trick or treats anymore (it's all about the Trunk or Treat)? Are wards having their parties on the weekend or on Tuesday? Anyone?

All opinions from those planning on attending will be taken into consideration. Everyone is invited.


Jake said...

While this "most wonderful time of the year" thing is something that abbie and I have decided to agree to disagree on (I'm a winter holiday fan - presents, college football, skiing), I am quite excited about the upcoming Haloween party. Specifically, here's what I'm getting excited about:

1) Costumes: Although we're all sad to see the departure of Joe and Rhonda and perennial "best costume" winners, Jacob & Sunny, we are excited to see what AZ newcomers Mike & Stephanie (and children) and Robin & Trent (and children), bring to the table. Maybe we'll get some other new entrants, like my little brother Sam (does anyone have a cute 18 yr old sister?). Also high on the "what to look for in 2006" list are the costumes of Bryce and Diana, who have a stranglehold on the "most creative costume" category, and the always scary Dustin & Jennifer (and kids). I also can't wait to see the sophomore efforts of Jay & Shauntel (& kids) and Pat & Kelli (& child), and Cathy all of whom were serious contenders in 2005.

2) New arrivals: Several family teams have expanded or will be expanding before October, including your hosts. We will have babies ranging from newborn to almost 1 yr old. I realize that it will take some extra thought to incorporate the little ones, but its sure to pay off. Just visit the house of any costume category winner and see their 2005 award proudly displayed in the family trophy case.

3) Pumpkins: Maybe someone will step into the huge void left by the Hyatts. Maybe not. We all have very large shoes to fill. Since we don't have huge plaster masks to make this year (or do we?), maybe we'll have the time to plan a good pumpkin idea. Maybe not.

Sorry about the long comment. As you can tell, I'm pretty excited. Anyway, good luck to all. Happy preparation. We hope to see every one of you during this, the "second-most wonderful time of the year".

Robin said...

Trent is not a huge halloween enthusiast. I have yet to convince him to take me to a haunted house or to dress up at all. This year will be different. I am determined he will be attending this party dressed in a theme to match the kids and me. I have a lot of thinking to do.

Stephanie said...

now, normally i only dress up in costume once a year (for our christmas card pic), so we will have to see. even if i am the only member of my family not in costume, count us in for the party. it sounds so fun!

Emily said...

I was shopping in TJ Maxx (which has no maternity clothes, by the way) on Saturday when I was overcome with glee at the sight of all the Halloween and fall decorations. I bought mini Halloween lantern lights to put up in the window:) I went to Hobby Lobby immediately afterwards just to relish in the pumpkin-y glow of the holiday aisles.
Wish I could fly out for your party. I'll just have to hope my friend Victoria throws another good one like last year. Drunks in costume can be serious fun!

zuul a.k.a. diana said...

well, i must say that for the denton's, saturday would be the better choice... on tuesdays and thursdays bryce is gone from 4:30am until 7:30pm, he's never in a party mood when he gets home.

jake has definitely put the pressure on us this year to keep our position in the creative costume category.... maybe no one will notice when we show up in the same costumes as last year with a slimer added to our crew.

Stephanie said...

I didn't tell them the letter!! they guessed it, and i am sorry, but i couldn't NOT tell them that they were right. how did this get back to you, anyway? who's the real blabbermouth?

Emily said...

Brandon wants detailed information on how to make a Peanuts character head.

the stooze said...

We vote for Saturday because my husband is now a working stiff and we live in the boondocks...