Friday, August 25, 2006

Some Perspective

Jake spent the afternoon yesterday taking apart our tree - limb by limb. These pictures give a little better perspective of just how big of a project this was.

This was taken about 1/2 way through the limb-cutting portion of the project. Notice how the tree is more than twice Jake's height.

Some of the branches were a little hard to get to, and took some creative climbing.

After all of the smaller limbs were cut off, the bigger branches had to be sawed off with a tree saw and/or chainsaw.

During the storm, I posted pictures of the tree on craigslist, and at 7:00 yesterday evening, someone came by with a trailer and hauled off all of the big limbs. They're planning on coming back today for the main trunk and roots. Now all we have is a large pile of the smaller branches. It's a much more managable load to take to the dump.


Stephanie said...

don't you just love craigslist?

Emily said...

Craigslist, how weird is that.

mike said...

why would someone want the tree?