Monday, August 07, 2006

A Late Birthday Present

Cathy got me an eyebrow wax for my birthday, and she and I finally got to go on Saturday. Here's how my conversation with the little pregnant Vietnamese girl that did my brows went:

Girl: Oh, you're pregnant too?
Me: Yeah, when are you due?
Girl: September 20th. What about you?
Me: September 26th. Very close to you.
Girl: You're a lot bigger than me.
Me: Oh, thanks.

Here's the thing. Unless I have some sort of rose-colored glasses and think I'm smaller than I am, I'm pretty sure we were the exact same size. I even thought beforehand, as she was doing Cathy's brows, "I bet we're due at the exact same time".


Robin said...

I think she is the one with the rose colored glasses. You look great.

Emily said...

Bitches, I hate 'em.

Tori :) said...

Not to sound tacky, but atleast she spoke to you- in English. I hate it when I'm getting a pedicure and everyone in the salon is talking in Vietnamese, laughing... I always wonder if they're talking about me.