Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Another Project Completed

Welcome to Designer's Challenge meets Design on a Dime.

Steve & Susan live in a 2-story condo with their daughter Cathy and several cats. They moved in 4 years ago, but have not had time to renovate their guest room. Designers Jake and Abbie, of L&L Design presented a plan and a budget to update the room. Starting with white walls and 2 twin beds, Jake and Abbie had to work from scratch, so they spent some time with Steve & Susan to see what their interests were.

Steve & Susan enjoy scuba diving, and spend the majority, if not all, of their vacations at the beach. Jake and Abbie thought this would be a great theme for their guest room, so they presented a room with an island getaway feel.

Color Pallet: Green & Orange, with Almond trim & accents.

Lucky for Steve & Susan, Jake and Abbie live on a very, um, modest income, so a budget of $200 seemed like more than enough to completely furnish and remodel an entire room. (note: as the renovation began, Susan decided to upgrade to a queen-sized bed, so an additional $50 was added to the budget for a mattress, box spring, & frame)

Let's see the finished product.

View from the door.

Some of the furniture and accessories, including the nightstand, the turtle stained glass, and the palm tree photo album, were collected from various other rooms in the house. Here, they finally have a place where they fit in with the surrounding decor.

The headboard is made out of a straw beachmat with an orange striped border.

The previous closet doors, with their almond color and wooden slats gave the perfect cabana feel that Jake and Abbie were going for. Bench seating at the end of the bed were purchased new.

Jake and Abbie came in about $3 under budget, with a total of $246.53. Approximate costs:

Furniture: $80

Paint & Supplies: $65

Bedding: $60

Lighting & Accessories: $35


billie said...

that's awesome! you can come redecorate for me anytime!

Stephanie said...

you did such a great job! i love the write up, too.

Emily said...

Nice work! My mattress cost 4x what it cost you to do a whole room (not that I regret it for a minute). Do Lewis and Lewis teach a budgeting class?

Robin said...

I love it! Can I hire your services for my master bedroom? Where did you get those bench thingies for the end of the bed? I must have them.

Tori :) said...

I like it A LOT!