Friday, September 22, 2006

Technology Troubles

Remember the joke that our parents couldn't program a VCR? Well, it's amazing how quickly all of our VCR programming skills have gone forgotten.

Jake & I had a baby class last night at the hospital, so we were unable to watch The Office premier. We decided that it was ok though, cause we could just record it. However, we now live in the days of DVR/TiVo, and unfortunately, Jake & I cannot afford DVR. So, while we know how to use it, we do not have it.
We spent the morning trying to figure out how to record a tv show on, yes, a VHS tape. We ran a test run in the afternoon, only to come up empty handed.

We tried programming, we tried just plain recording, we tried everything, but nothing seemed to work. We had to leave for our class frustrated and knowing that we would be missing The Office all together.I couldn't help but get on the internet when we got home to read about what happened, but Stephanie/Cathy - please keep the show on your DVR until we can come watch it. Thanks!


Stephanie said...

our lame-o dvr didn't record it! since the office is our favorite show, i checked our replay tv about 5 times that day to make sure it was going to record, but i guess it decided not to at the last minute. so we missed the first 8 minutes. we were so bummed! but, we do have the other 22 minutes, and yes, we will save them.

have you had your baby yet?

nana said...

I'm sorry you have to live in such backward circumstances. We have it, as well as the catch-up Gray's Anatomy shows. You may have to come here this weekend.

Cathy said...

It might not be a good idea to come this weekend since we're all sharing the master bathroom... Although I'm pretty sure mom and dad really like me coming in their room at midnight to wash my face and then back in at 5:30 to take a shower.

Stephanie said...

another good reason not to come up this weekend-- you are about to have a baby any minute. although, it would be more convenient for the rest of us if you had her up here.

Kim said...

Your technician is really cute!