Sunday, September 17, 2006

The Pregnant Girl's First Aid Kit

I decided today that I didn't want to take my regular purse to church, so I took a small black bag instead. This was for 2 reasons: 1. I'm trying to enjoy carrying around a small bag for as long as possible before my days with a diaper bag come upon me, and 2. I was wearing a black dress, and my brown purse didn't look as good as I knew my little black bag would.

So I packed it with just the essentials and we headed off to church. During our meeting, Jake looked in my bag and started laughing. He said I had created the perfect "Pregnant Girl's First Aid Kit". Here's what I had with me:

A bottle of water, a tissue pack, a pen, tums, chapstick, and a Tide-To-Go pen.

I'm thinking of marketing it. It IS the perfect bag. It has all of my essential tools for everyday life.


Robin said...

very handy. perfect is definitely how I would describe it. My bag today contained: water bottle, wipes, baby food jar, bib, pb crackers, graham sticks, granola bar, various books and toys, my young woman's binder, manual, scriptures, a small notebook, and a pen. i forgot a spoon for the baby food and tissues for my nose. But I got to wear my new skirt and my lesson went well.

Emily said...

Those Tide to Go pens are awesome! My mini purse contains only tinted lip balm, pen, driver's licence, debit card, and sometimes gum or lotion. Brandon is distraught when I don't carry a bigger purse containing everything HE might need (camera, water, hand wipes, etc.) plus room to sneak candy into the movies.