Monday, September 11, 2006

Practice, Practice, Practice

My fake contractions are really improving themselves these days. They've started spacing themselves out. Last night and this morning, I had a bunch in a row that were all 10 minutes apart. They weren't real contractions - I couldn't feel them at all. I just noticed that about every 10 minutes my belly would turn into a hard basketball. I guess practice makes perfect.

In other news, my baby had a mini-ultrasound this morning to make sure she is growing at the right rate. Apparently, her head and maybe femur were in the 10th percentile at my last ultrasound (4 months ago) and no one thought it was a concern until today. PREGNANCY ADVICE: See a different doctor for at least one of your appointments, so that a new set of eyes can look at your chart. They just might see something your regular doctor fails to notice.

My doctor is on vacation this week, so I saw a different doctor for my appointment, and she noticed the ultrasound results and asked if they were ever discussed with me. Anyway, my ultrasound this morning was only a head measurement, and my baby's head measured at 37 weeks, 4 days: 2 days shy of what it should read. She's exactly on target.

I'm scheduled for a real ultrasound at the main hospital this Thursday, just to double-check, but everything seems normal.

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