Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Due Date

Today is September 26th 2006. I've been thinking about this date every day for the past nine months. Well, longer than that since this was a planned pregnancy, so I knew even before I got pregnant that, if I did get pregnant, this date would be my due date.

Yet so far today, my body does not seem "due". My baby seems quite large, but comfortable. Jake and I were just noticing yesterday how big she seems. When she kicks or moves, it's not just in one place anymore, it's all over.

So I guess we'll wait for another day.


Jake said...

Maybe our baby knows Dr. Karp's theories and has decided that it will just be easier to spend the 4th trimester in the womb. What a smart little thing.

Emily said...

I've been wondering for the past 4 days if she was here.

Cathy said...

Well since yesterday was her due date, you should probably reveal her name. I'm guessing thats why she won't come out cause she knows that we don't know what to call her. duh

Leslie said...

i was wondering, too. i hope you're getting some rest, it's so hard when your belly seems so big. but you know, it's even harder when there's a baby crying in your room. :) good luck!