Thursday, September 14, 2006

A Public Thank You

I would like to publicly thank my husband Jake's family at this time for producing big babies. My ultrasound went really well this morning, except that the ultrasound lady said that my baby already weighs 8 POUNDS. If that is accurate, and I deliver on my due date, we're looking at a 9+ pound baby here. She has a nice, round tummy, and "thunder thighs" as the ultrasound lady put it (that's a medical term).

On the other hand, look at these cheeks.
These cheeks are unmistakably from my side of the family.

A foot

Her hand. She's pointing to the left, can you see it?

Her blood flow in her cord looked good, and yes, she's still a girl. She may even have some hair.

In other news.......

Look what the Tax Return Man delivered to us this morning! Isn't it adorable?


Stephanie said...

yay for chubby babies!

Tori :) said...

Wow! That's a big baby!! My sister is due the 1st week of Oct. and her dr. told her yesterday to expect a "high 8 or lower 9s pound baby." Ugh. 8.2 was big enough for me. "Welp- good luck with that." (That's from the Spongebob movie.)

Robin said...

yay chubby cheeks make the greatest kissing pads. That's a medical term. I love that tax return guy! Can't wait to make a trip to Tuscon!

Erin said...

hey, just be glad she's not going to be 14.5 lbs like that lady who broke the record for having biggest baby the other day! ( :