Friday, November 21, 2008

Foodie Friday #9 - Slices

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Mill & 6th St, Tempe
(Other locations in Phoenix & Tempe)

photo from Get Out AZ

Price: $

Taste: * * * *
S&A: * * * *
Value: * * * *

From a recommendation from my mom, we headed to Slices last week. Its a tiny restaurant off of Mill Avenue in Tempe - just an order counter and 2 or 3 tables. But the pizza selection was huge. We had our choice of maybe 10 different pizzas to buy by the slice (you can also order whole pizzas - like 30 different varieties). We ordered 3 slices to share between the 2 of us - Tomato Basil, Pepperoni & Mushroom, and Ham & Pineapple.

When your pick your pieces, they go back into a warming oven for a couple minutes, so you have a piping hot piece of pizza, which was very nice. The pieces were huge and all of them were delicious. My mom has been known to go out of her way to go there for a slice of vegetarian (which I didn't know beforehand, or I would have tried it).

Very tasty, very convenient, very fast.

Overall Rating: 4 Stars


Lauren said...

I have heard great things about Slices. I think we will swing by for a slice before our movie! Thanks for the review!

Jacie said...

I think I have actually eaten here before. I love this whole food reviewing idea. Thanks for all the tips.

nana said...

There is also a location at Tempe Marketplace by the movie theaters. The slices are big and I love it that they warm it up for you.